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Traditional Buyers & Sellers

If you are looking for a traditional home buying or selling process, don't worry, we've got you covered! We offer conventional real estate agent services too. Believe it or not, we currently have more clients in the standard agent service offering than in either of our other two divisions, so we stay well versed and top of game on all core agent services as well, to get your home sold for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, with the greatest ease.  


If you are interested in our Healthy Homes or High Performance offerings, see below.  

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Healthy Homes

According to the National Center for Healthy Housing, a healthy home is housing that is designed, constructed, maintained, and rehabilitated in a manner that is conducive to good occupant health. 

Whether you have a loved one or family member with allergies, asthma, a child or an elder in your home, or you are just a health conscious person, you have the option of your home contributing to or detracting from your overall health and wellness. 

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High Performance Homes

High performance homes are known for their superior energy efficiency, health, comfort, and durability. Features include, but are not limited to those such as: 

  • Improved HVAC design 

  • Improved indoor air quality 

  • Envelope design for reduced mold growth potential 

  • Low-e windows 

  • Additional energy-saving features 

Ultimately, these homes are more durable, consume fewer resources at construction and throughout home ownership, and have a lighter environmental impact. These features result in energy bill savings smaller energy bills, greater comfort, and enhanced indoor air quality.


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See below for our most common questions:

  • I am a first-time home buyer. Where do I begin?

Congratulations! You are considering the exciting journey of buying your first home. So many exciting memories are about to be made. The very first step is getting approved for a mortgage. If you would like to get started with preapproval, click here

  • What should I expect from working with a real estate team?

One of the benefits of working with our team is that you get to work with with multiple specialists who are highly skilled at their particular role. If you are buying and selling, then you are in luck, and get to take advantage of the many benefits of our full team experience! 

  • Can I use one of the online estimators to determine how much my home is worth?

Our first response to that question is would you go to WebMD online if your child  needed stitches from a doctor? The online estimators are a fun, simple tool!          However, if you are looking for the real price of your home, there are many factors  that those tools cannot take into consideration. For an accurate estimate of what  your home is worth, give us a call today or click here. 

  • How many houses should I view before purchasing one?

With so many virtual tours available these days, the average buyer views between  3-5 properties in person before writing an offer. We are here to help you find that dream home, so whether it is the first property that you view, or the 10th, the    important part is not the number, but in finding the right home for you! 

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