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If we're really going back to the beginning, this story is about love for our neighbors.


Lisa Borowsky is an Atlanta native, nature lover, and health and wellness passionista. Over her years studying the environment at Dartmouth College in New England, working on an ecological land use plan for a Native Alaskan Tribe, obtaining an MBA, and working in consulting, her unique development of skills was preparing Lisa to establish an ideal blend of business competency, environmental foundation, and most importantly, empathy, gratitude, and love for our neighbors and the earth that supports us.  

After several years in the residential real estate industry, we saw an opportunity for leveraging real estate as an integral way to improve quality of life


for our clients by merging our most basic shelter needs with the luxury of comfort and the added benefit of a healthy home. In addition to providing traditional buy/sell real estate services, Sustainable Georgia also offers buyers and sellers the opportunity to rethink and redefine their relationship with their home. The exterior landscape and features of a property site, along with the interior of the home form an important piece of one's overall wellness.

Whether you are seeking a completely traditional sales process, you have a loved one with allergies, asthma, or health needs, or you are just looking to save money on your energy bills, you can be confident that you are in the right place by choosing Sustainable Georgia. Don't take our word for it though, listen to our past clients! 

Meet the Team


Lisa is the founder of Sustainable Georgia. Her work ethic and drive come from her early years as a sponsored athlete and national champion tennis player. Her passion for and experience in sustainability were developed while earning her degree in Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College, and while working for Chickaloon Native Village in Alaska. As a real estate consultant, she holds the National Association of Realtors Green Designation.

Lisa is married to Shawn, a Georgia Tech Engineering graduate. They have, who they believe to be, the world's best dog, along with three adopted ducks. Lisa spends most of her free time gardening, but she can also be found hiking, rock climbing, playing the guitar, and teaching tennis to friends and family.  

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Jaime LaMore has been a long-time north Georgia resident.  Her community and the mountains hold a special place in her heart - the beautiful terrain, lovely country roads, farms, charming feel, and friendly people. 


Jaime spent over two decades in the dental field, and thrives on taking care of others. Real estate was always a passion, so she developed her skills not only as a Realtor, but as a transaction expert where she creates a smooth and positive contract to close experience for everyone involved in the home buying and selling process.  


When not at work, you can find Jaime spending time in the mountains with her husband, Jeff, daughter, Denley and dog, Moose! You might even find her out on the softball field, coaching her daughters softball team! Jaime and her family are passionate about animal rescue, including fundraising for the Forsyth Human Society and volunteering at Save the Horses rescue farm.

Partners & Affiliates


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We help clients to create healthier, safer, more comfortable, and more energy efficient homes with a lower carbon footprint. That can include consulting on your existing or planned home as well as being your independent third party for certifications like EarthCraft and ENERGY STAR.

- Howard Katzman

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Healthy Indoor Environments - Where we live, learn, and play. A green home will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also save you money on energy and water, and create a healthier living space. 

- Dr. Pamela Turner 

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 For our little ones, a home is much more than four walls, a roof and some windows. It's a place to play, a place to be loved, a place to be safe and a place to grow. A home is place that is full of precious moments and a place to build amazing memories... your home matters, green homes matter. 

- Kerry Langley

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